How to Rescue IPhone through Recovery Mode

You should know that there might be a situation when your iPhone do not restore to resolve most of the documented errors and do not determine the free space that should be left on your iPhone, for that purpose you should be able to use the recovery mode.

In order to rescue your iPhone “Recovery Mode” is the last option that a user is having. If you use iTunes to restore the iPhone then it is a troubleshooting lifesaver and for those who might have tried iPhone hacks then they have the idea that iPhone behave abnormally after that. You should not panic if the restoring does not work; you just need to follow the iPhone tip for that.

To resolve any of the errors you should force the iTunes to restore the iPhone by using iPhone’s Recovery Mode. So just follow these steps in recovery mode:

  • First of all you have to disconnect your iPhone from the Windows computer or the Mac.
  • For about 20-30 seconds you have to Press and hold the home buttons and the sleep/wake buttons, unless there is a yellow triangle having an exclamation mark in it along with the text as “Please Connect to iTunes” appears in front of you.
  • If the iTunes does not automatically launch then you should launch the iTunes by connecting your iPhone to the computer.

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