Improving how your business communicates via telephone with customers

In the business world of today, customer interaction is becoming more and more widespread owing to the staggering penetration of communication technologies in our households and offices. Despite all the advances in Internet communication, telephone remains the most preferred and effective communication tool for customers. Whether it’s inquiring about new services, providing feedback or discussing partnerships, people turn the dial to connect with businesses. The unique nature of this mode of communication also provides a huge opportunity for the businesses to generate clients out of these interactions. Therefore, if your company hasn’t got a 08 number yet, you should get yourself registered for uk free phone numbers


Using the appropriate and well-defined strategy to tackle customer phone calls can be the difference between lawsuits and
business expansion. Keeping in view the stressful work environment of offices it is imperative the exclusive personnel must be allocated to respond to customer phone calls. If that is too costly than automated response systems should be contemplated. Adding customer telephone calls to the chores of a bogged down employee can be a distasteful experience for both the company and the customer. Moreover it should be ensured that telephone call response infrastructure should be proportionate to the incoming call traffic. Too much wait can make the customer irritable or worst he may be give up his query.

Another important factor is that the operator must be well versed with the information being queried by the caller. Incessant information gathering hold ups during a conversation make the experience grueling and dents the business credibility. A commonly used practice nowadays in the recording of customer calls by the company’s QC department. These recordings are later reviewed to detect breaches of conduct or areas of improvement. Following up the customer once the call has been made is also a very important tool for establishing trust. Don’t hesitate to get back to the caller to compliment the information provided or rectify any misinformation. These are just some of the strategies that can be deployed by businesses to extract the maximum out of customer phone calls. Also get yourself a good auto responder message. A company called 08Direct can help you with recording the right and effective auto responder message. So next time you hear that “ring ring” remember it’s an opportunity knocking at your doorstep.

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