How to Watermark Documents in MS Word 2010?

Watermarking the documents is beneficial in preventing the unauthorized access to the document. In office 2010, it is pretty simple to watermark the document. These steps can be followed to add water mark to the documents in word 2010.

  • Open Microsoft Word 2010.
  • Open the document you want to watermark.
  • Select the Page Layout tab and click on Watermark. From the several default watermark templates, choose the one you want for your document.
  • If you don’t want to use the default templates, click on Custom Watermark.
  • This will open the window of Printed Watermark. If you want to watermark the picture, select the Picture watermark and if you want to watermark the text, select the Text watermark. You can customize both options.
  • Press the OK button to apply the water mark.

This was the method to add watermark. Now if you want to remove the watermark then

  • Select the Page Layout tab and go to Watermark > Remove Watermark.

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