How to fix iPhone 3G GPS?

Apple 3G iPhone is being complimented with the addition of GPS technology. With this technology, users can figure out their location, no matter where they are. This is really a captivating feature of iPhone.

Sometime the GPS function of iPhone does not work properly and pose different issues to users. There are many ways to fix these issues, which are described below:

Follow the given procedure to solve any problem of GPS:

  • Navigate to Settings > General > auto-lock. Change the time to Never from 1 minute
  • Again navigate to settings > general > reset network settings. With this, your iPhone will be restarted.
  • Go outside. Preferably the place should be clear without any trees or buildings.
  • Open the Maps. To all wifi prompts, click No. Hit the icon of GPS and wait for few minutes to let it get satellite view. It will start working after few minutes.

Apart from this there are two other ways to solve it:

  • Sometimes the problem also occurs if the wifi is off. So try by turning the wifi on even if you don’t want to use the internet.
  • You may have experienced the problem if you have activated your new 3G by importing the settings from 2G. Activate your 3G from iTunes from scratch. Hopefully it will solve all your GPS problems.

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