How To Fix 3GS Stuck In DFU Mode?

Apple iPhone provides its users with many options of customizing the phone. The users of iPhone usually upgrade or downgrade by jailbreaking. Sometimes it happens that while jailbreaking, their iPhone get stuck in DFU mode and freezes there and is not recovered by any method. However here are some methods which have solved many cases.

To get your iPhone out of the DFU mode, follow the given procedure.


  • Navigate the file c:windowssystem32driversetchosts (Windows) or /etc/hosts (Mac Os X) to open the file
  • Type the following command at the end of the file
  • Download the file of IPSW as required for 3.1.3
  • Press restore button in iTunes while holding shift
  • In iTunes restore it with backup data from earlier synchronizations
  • Jailbreak the phone with spirit

This will hopefully solve the procedure.

  • Apart from this method you can also try to exit DFU mode by trying tiny umbrella.
  • Another solution can be irecovery. To do this
    • Type irecovery-s in cmd.
    • When irecovery comes in contact with mobile then type:
    • setenv auto-boot true
    • saveenv
    • reboot
  • Now reboot the iPhone.

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