How to customize Spotlight Preferences

Spotlight is a new search technology like Google. Apple introduced this service in new Mac OS X 10.4. With the help of spotlight search, we can search all the files on your hard drives and also manage search results accordingly.

Here are some preferences of Spotlight to customize:

Search Results: We can see the result through spotlight.

  • Go to Spotlight preferences panel. A long list of file will appear in the center of panel.
  • Select your preferred checkboxes and file types.
  • Here you can put all the search stuff in checklist.

Spotlight Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts are the most convenient option kept in this application. You need to prioritize the keyboard shortcuts as an alternative of menu bar to save the time.

  • Simply, go to Spotlight preferences panel again.
  • Tap on arrow navigation and choose appropriate keyboard shortcut.

Privacy: Privacy settings are the most important factor to be set.

  • Go to the privacy tab on the Spotlight Preferences Panel and set up necessary parameters.

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