Exoskeletons-A fiction no more!!

sarcos-xos-exoskeletonThose of you who have played the amazing computer game “crysis”  must be fascinated  by the bionic suits worn by the game character(maximum speed,maximum power,maximum strength…..remember??). The good(or the bad) news is that bionic suits are no more a fiction.Researchers at Sarcos inc, an American defense contractor, is developing exoskeleton technology for the military. The American army wants to implement this new technology in their FCS(Future Combat System).

Exoskeletion is a mechatronic machine that is “worn” over the body and it aids the person in performing tasks. The exoskeletion mimics the motion of the body and aids it by providing more power through actuaters.Sensors installed at different points on the body sense the motion of the muscles and bones and actuate the motors.This helps the user to do more work for lesser exertion.

Seems like we will be seeing Crysis like soldiers in the future battlefields. And when that does happen, God save the enemies!

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