Ensure Your Dog’s Safety While Travelling In A Car With This Special Seat Belt

skoda dog belt 1

A AAA survey found that the percentage of dog owners that use a restraint to keep their pup safe while travelling in car is only 16%. This will be changed very soon as Czech automakers, Skoda, will be offering a dog-specific seat belt as an option on their vehicles. The doggie seat belt by Skoda, is one of a range of remarkable accessories for dog-loving drivers that the automaker has uncovered.

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It is said that around 70-80 million dogs reside in households around the U.S. As it relates to the number of times these dog owners drive around with their pups, AAA says that this is stands at 56%, from people taking them with them to simply run a quick errand to a coast-to-coast road trip. The surprising fact about this is that a phenomenal 84% of these rides are done with the dogs roaming freely around the car, which is a serious hazard for both the dog and the owner as an unrestrained dog that like to roam about the car, especially in the front seat, can cause distractions.

skoda dog belt 2


The Skoda doggie seat belt is then a perfect solution for this. It comes in four sizes and can be used in combination with a leash.

By the way, when you leave your pet outside, put a GPS tracker on your dog to prevent him from lost.

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