Easy Hacks For Cleaning Your Home Appliances & Furnitures

Gunk, grease, dust and stains can be such hard things to get rid of when you need to clean them off your appliances and furnitures. While built-up dirt like grease may be hard to clean off by just scrubbing it with soap and a brittle pad, there are simple methods or,  liquid or powder solutions that you can make by yourself to get rid of the debris in no time. Check out some of these easy cleaning tips below.


1. Getting Rid Of Bathtub Rings

grapefruit and salt

Rings left from bathtub mats can be easily cleaned with grapefruit and salt. Sprinkle some salt on a sliced half of a grapefruit and then use it to scrub the area.


2. Cleaning Up Vomit On Mats

vomit on mats

Babies or children sometimes get sick to the point that they may vomit. In the case of this happening on a mat, you can clean it up by making a paste of baking powder and water, and then apply it to the rug. Allow it stay overnight and the next day you can use your vacuum to clean it up, leaving no bad scents or messy marks.


3. Cleaning Your Grill

cleaning grill with onion

In order to clean off the grease left on your grill, you can take half of a white onion and stab it with a long fork. Heat your grill and then use the onion to rub it along the irons of the grill.


4. Revamp Your Leather Chair

polished leather chair

Leather chairs tend to become worn and scuffed after a couple of years being used. In order to give them back their clean new look, you can polish it with shoe polish.


5. Clean Your Mattress 

cleaning mattress

A mixture of vodka and water with a touch of essential oil in a spray bottle can kill bacteria in your mattress by just spraying the solution onto the bed and then leaving it to dry.


6. Get Rid Of Water Rings In Furniture

getting rid of water marks


In order to get ring marks out of your furniture, you will first have to soak up the excess water with a towel and then use your hair dryer to blast hot air on the area while it is still damp to get rid of the water mark.

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