Coachella: From Rough Start to Global Fame

200,000 Attendees in Coachella

2015 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Despite seeing record-breaking attendance in the past years, the festival also experienced low attendance rates in one year but quickly picked up steam in 2010 as the number of attendees grew to a whopping 225,000. It also sold 60,000 three- day passes. The Coachella music and arts festival was able to welcome a larger crowd. With musical acts from different genres such as Jay Z and Gorillaz and Muse, everyone was able to enjoy music.


Coachella is, without a doubt, the largest outdoor music and arts event as it was recently named Billboard’s Top Festival of the Year. It continues to grow every year. It has successfully penetrated American and global music culture. Fans continue to look forward to attending the festival every year.

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