Check Out This Device That Turns Wasted Paper Into Pencils!

pencil making device 1

Do you ever find yourself searching for pencils when you need them? If you do, you will find this new device called the P&P Office Waste Processor, an interesting help as it is able to quickly produce pencils from office waste paper to keep you stocked all the time. It first gobbles up the contents placed in the paper waste basket, then spits fully formed pencils at the press of a button.

pencil making device 2

The device which provides clever connection between an office’s waste stream and supply needs, must be simply fed a sheet of paper into the top and a small amount of glue to be tightly wrapped around a graphite stick. Once this process is done, the pencil will be ejected at the side of device.

pencil making device 4

At the top of the device there is a transparent cover that allows you to see the operations which can be completed automatically or manually. The machine will even pre-sharpen the pencil with same hole that doubles as an automatic pencil sharpener, before it pushes it out to be used.

pencil making device 3

Chinese designers Chengzhu Ruan, Yuanyuan Liu, Xinwei Yuan and Chao Chen who also received a winning award for their invention, have announced that currently the device is not in production, but hope to in the near future.

pencil making device 5

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