An ATM Doles Out Gifts That Will Melt Your Heart

When a person tells you they are visiting the ATM it is likely that they will be doing one of two things: checking their account balance or withdrawing cash and in some cases both. Of course, there are other functions that are less frequently used but, have you ever heard of an ATM actually giving back? Yes, doling out prizes aplenty. TD Canada Trust ask some of its branch employees to pick some of their favourite customers for a special surprise.

Approximately twenty (20) people were told they would be “testing out a newly installed ATM” according to Chris Stamper, TD’s senior vice president for corporate marketing. As each customer approached they were both surprise and elated as the ATM spoke and even acknowledged them by their names while churning out gift after gift.

Some of our customers “have been through tough times, and some are just wonderfully kind and caring people,” Stamper wrote in an e-mail. An additional forty people were not selected but were simply at the right bank at the right time with the special “Automated Thanking Machines” installed at several locations including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

One elated mother was grateful with the college money for her kids along with a trip to Disney Land. “I’ve never been able to take my kids anywhere,”  she said as she cried tears of joy.

There was also room for a touching moment with a woman named Dorothy receiving tickets to see her daughter in Trinidad who has recently undergone a cancer surgery.

Additionally, customers who were not in the video got a sweet surprise when they visited the ATM at 2 pm E.T. as they were each given a $20 bill. The marketing campaign seems to be paying dividends for TD with over 2,000,000 views to date. If you ask us, that seems like a pretty substantial “interest” rate.


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