7 Useful House Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning your home can be very easy and in most cases all you need are the basic household supplies. Mops, brooms, toilet cleaners, laundry detergent, dishing washing liquid and other common necessities will often get the job done. The more lavishly privileged have vacuum cleaners, a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer as per the usual. Life’s unexpected journey can sometimes throw us curve balls as is the case for most people and cleaning the house can present its own set of oddities.

Onion Grill Cleaner – If you’re having trouble cleaning your grill using half of an onion can cure that problem. Rubbing it thoroughly over the grate will leave it clean and as a bonus you will have added flavour for the next occasion.


Cleaning your blender – Fill your blender with warm water, add some dishing washing liquid soap and turn it on to remove the stains. Once you have accomplished that, wash and rinse with cold water.

blender soap

Deodorizing Carpet – Combining baking soda and water into a paste can help remove stains and odours left by vomit on your carpet.


Removing Refrigerator Odour – It can be tough when you have plenty of contents in your refrigerator and the odour of one over powers the rest. The best way to take care of this is by cleaning the fridge with baking soda or leaving an open box inside to absorb moisture.

Baking soda fridge

Ceiling Fan + Pillow Case = Happy Cleaning – Toss an old pillow case over the fan then wipe as per the usual. The only trick is that all the dust will be inside the case.


Clean that dishwasher – In our opening statement we spoke about the dishwasher and that it saved you from working, but the dishwasher itself also needs to be cleaned occasionally. You can accomplish this by setting it to the highest temperature with a cup of vinegar on the top shelf, sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom shelf, take it for one more spin and you’re all done.


Alcohol in the bedroom means a good time or does it? – Pour Vodka into a spray bottle, spritz lightly across the mattress and leave it to air-dry. This will kill all odour causing bacteria.


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