7 Pharmaceuticals Every Day Life Would Be Harder Without

There is no doubt how important pharmaceuticals have become in our every day lives. Thanks to the research provided by such companies as Huntingdon Life Sciences Inc, those suffering from everyday ailments and diseases are able to live healthier and longer lives. Other medications simply make life more enjoyable, by reducing our worries. Regardless, there are 10 pharmaceuticals in particular that has made life much easier for all of us:

Estrogen/ Progesterone

Without the advent of birth control our population would be well over what it is now. Not only has the creation of birth control been able to protect our population as a whole from expanding too rapidly, but it has also prevented may couples from becoming parents before ready which has led to better parenting all around.


While the above name may seem like something you would never buy, it is actually the generic name for the current best-selling pharmaceutical. As the obesity epidemic only continues to rise, atorvastatin has become incredibly important in controlling cholesterol. Without it, you could expect to see many more heart disease related deaths.


Without antihistamines, millions of allergy sufferers would be miserable for much of the year. With these medications, we have been able to make allergy season more tolerable, and reduce the number of sick days and sinus infections caused by allergies.


Without Ibuprofen that lingering headache would stay put and that ankle you slightly sprained would continue to remain inflamed. Ibuprofen has perhaps become one of the most wildly used over-the-drugs on the market, and has definitely reduced the pain of many making daily tasks easier and more bearable while suffering.

Rosiglitazone/ Pioglitazone

Like Atorvastatin, the need for drugs such as Rosiglitazone and Pioglitazone will only continue to grow as the obesity epidemic continues to spread. Both drugs are used for the treatment of Diabetes 2, and has keep many diabetes 2 sufferers from losing limbs or having severe drops in blood sugar.


The flu was once one of the worst viruses you could catch. In 1918 and 1919, the flu virus wiped out nearly an estimated 75 million people worldwide. Now, alongside flu shots, there are also medications such as oseltamivir which can help keep those who contract the virus from becoming even more sick thus preventing dehydration or death.

Fluticasone/ Salmeterol

For those suffering from asthma, the creation of pharmaceuticals designed to combat and prevent its side effects have literally been life saving. With pharmaceuticals such as fluticasone and salmeterol, asthma sufferers are able to limit the number of attacks they have, and are able to more easily recover from an attack sound one occur.

Without the above 7, countless individuals would suffer or potentially die from common diseases, viruses, or everyday aliments. So while depending on pharmaceuticals is often questionable to health enthusiasts, certain medications are simply necessary for the betterment of life.

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