20 Photos That Prove That Warmth Is A Necessity For Survival For Cats

Here are three basic facts every cat owner should know about their pet:

1. They sleep for most of their lives.

2. When they’re not sleeping, they’re plotting their next rebellious move.

3. When they’re not sleep or plotting their next rebellious move, they’re looking for some place to keep warm.

These pictures will serve as proof for those who might have some doubt about these allegations, particularly the third and last. If you look closely you will notice that these cats will do just about anything to keep warm. No sunshine to do the job, no worries, they’ll find an alternative. Whether this be a radiator, laptop, human or even an oven. You can always count on them to be inventive when it comes on to finding warmth. This is no different from when they still find something to destroy even though we placed every glass on every surface in a hidden place so that they’re not able to push it off for it to break.

Check out these 20 photos of cats when they have found their warm place.


1.  My favourite chill spot.

sun cat 11


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