20 Pets That Really Need To Get Inside… Like RIGHT NOW!

Some people would say that pets that get to enjoy living outside or in the yard have more freedom than their house-kept counterparts. You might want to give that a second thought after seeing these photos. Without a pet handy these outdoor pets have to beg to be let inside and even have to wait until someone inside hears them calling.

We can bet that in these photos below, these pets were let in right away, but I know I wouldn’t be able to resist taking a picture of how hilarious they looked either. Check out these 20 pics below of pets demanding to be let inside… right now!


1. Let.. Me.. In..!

let me in pet 1


2. Hey puss, do that face you always do so that they would let us in.

let me in pet 2


3. Mooooom!

let me in pet 3


4. God damn it! Let me in!

let me in pet 4


5. Haha, funny… Now open the door.

let me in pet 5


6. Oh God!! Let me in! Noooooow!!

let me in pet 6


7. I’ll let my damn self in since you won’t!

let me in pet 8


8. What do you mean you won’t let me in?

let me in pet 9


9. We checked them and they had no guns mom… Can you let us in now?

let me in pet 7


10. Any day now, hooman…

let me in pet 10


11. Look Meredith, we both said things we didn’t mean. Can you just let me in so we can talk about this?

let me in pet 11


12. Why won’t you let me in? I brought you a present.

let me in pet 12


13. Let me in this instance!

let me in pet 13


14. Pretty please let me in, hooman.

let me in pet 14


15. *Knock knock* Hey, I forgot my keys, can you let me in?

let me in pet 15


16. When I get in, imma bite that finger off!

let me in pet 16


17. Hey… Hey, let me in bro!

let me in pet 17



18. Helloooo…

let me in pet 18


19. Anybody hooome?!!

let me in pet 19


20. If you won’t let me in, I’ll scare you to death!

let me in pet 20

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