10 Hilarious Halloween Treat Fails That Will Have You On The Floor Laughing

Those perfectly delicious recipes that we always seem to find online tend to be so impossible to pull off by us at home. At this time around, many of us as cooking fanatics will be looking for creative delights that we can try out at home for Halloween celebrations. While the directions to create the plate might be as clear cut as possible, getting things to stay put or taste as delicious as it looked in the photo we have taken from the internet is much more difficult than it seems or it could be that following directions might not be our thing.

These Halloween recipe fails will definitely show this. As funny as they looking, they say the only failure is failing not to try.

1. Gluten-Free Skeleton

halloween treat 1


2. Pumpkin Cookies

halloween treat 2


3. Frankenstein Treats

halloween treat 3


4. Witchy Fingers

halloween treat 4


5. Vampire Teeth Cookies

halloween treat 5


6. Pumpkin Cake

halloween treat 6


7. Brain Cake

halloween treat 7


8. Cheese Pumpkins

halloween treat 8


9. Ghost Cupcakes

halloween treat 9


10. Werewolf Pumpkin

halloween treat 10

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