Artist Makes Use of the Human Body to Create Jaw-Dropping Animal Paintings

It’s truly a thing of wonder how artists come up with their own different methods of expressing their unique creativity. For example,¬†American artist Shannon Holt actually makes use of the human body as her blank canvas to create beautiful animal paintings with the use of body paint.

In an interview, Shannon was quoted saying, “You hear a song live once–you have that one beautiful experience and then you have the remembrance of it with a recording. Body painting is the same. It’s probably the closest art form to music there is.

Before delving into using the human skin as her canvas, she actually has tried different surfaces such as paper, wood, and metal. It was hear search for something new that led her to discover the masterpieces she could create with the human body. Take a look at these beautiful paintings by Shannon Holt:










Source: Bored Panda

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