Manabu Ikeda — An Incredibly Amazing Artist

All Ikeda needs is an acrylic pen and a piece of paper,he has abundance of creative imagination. The Japanese artist spends up to two years on a single masterpieces, never knowing what they are going to look like until they are finished. The mysterious artist loves gathering thoughts and scenes from his surroundings. His inspirations come from the environment he lives in, as a result he draws anything catchy he observes in the surroundings. Whether it is anything from nature, history, technological advancements or even catastrophic disasters, this multi-talent artist knows how to draw them into paintings.

Ikeda has been working in 4 squares i.e spending 8 hours a day painting for many years. Although he has an idea of what he wants to lay down on paper when he starts to draw, a lot of time he just uses the images that flash in his mind as he is working, and the end result is a big mystery until the final stages of the drawing process. It takes him more that 8-10 hours to explain all the detailed drawings to anyone, that sometimes represent culture or historical rise and downfall of certain events. Check out some of his work below. Every picture carries its own story.

History of Rise and Fall











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