Top 10 Best Police Car Chases Caught on Video

10. End Justifies the Mean

In this clip a car is chased by police. A citizen in an SUV attempting to help the police makes matters worse. Eventually the police get their man.

Please note that despite the commentary, this video is not filmed in New Jersey.

9. Female Driver Car Chase

You read it right – the driver is a female. Narrators are annoying. If that was GTA driver would probably go and shoot? narrators after she got released.

8. The Cop Who Lost Temper and Made Speeding Student Rich

7. Hialeah Miami High Speed car chase

Hialeah Miami High Speed car Chase 9/22/2010 – See the Shocking end

6. L.A. Car Chase Ends In Gun Fire!

5. Chase and Pit Manover Gone Wrong

This is amazing, a bit of car control and use of hand break ensures a 180 spin evaids the cops… but not for long

4. Luckies Driver Ever

3. Fastest Australian Police Chase Ever Caught On Tape

Brisbane, Australia- Sedan leads police on the fastest pursuit ever caught on tape in Austraila, topping speeds of 125 mph before coming to a halt after being clipped by another vehicle after running a red light.

2. Chasing a Burning Transport Truck

Police chases in Dallas Texas, the driver stole the truck, and waves in and out of traffic dangerously. He hits several cars and even a school bus. Eventually he gets shot by police

1. Dallas Car Chase End in Crash

A high-speed car chase ended in a car crash. The 2-hour Dallas car chase ended in a car crash on June 29, 2009. The high speed car chase began after a regular pullover. The car chase ensued and last two hours.

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