Your Body Is Your New Password


Pretty soon, new ingestible pills and wearable technologies will turn your body into a hyper personalized password for future devices and tech gadgets.

Yes that’s right, we are talking about ‘eat technology’ – difficult to hack that! The idea is to take a single pill that will act as a password app  in your body, and serve as a medical device as well. It will monitor all your health activities and stats.

Additionally, the biosensors that play a role in the diagnosis of the entire body would act as a password – a key to all your gadgets and devices. No more retina scans and biometric verifications, since your whole body works as a complete password for unlocking everything you want. The pill will be capable of opening your home door as soon as you grab the handle, Plus it will unlock the passwords to your smartphone. But hey, maybe in the future our body will also be our smartphone making the need for passwords totally redundant.

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