Twitter Officially Shuts Down Vine To Revamp It As ‘Vine Camera’

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Even though Vine camera will still be allowing users to make and share short video clips and share them on Twitter, the changes will not have these clips being uploaded to the Vine site as when under the app’s original system. During the time that Vine announced their plans to pull the plug on the site, many users were upset and vented their frustration on social media. Quite a few users highlighted a past events where Vine was used to spread information and short video clip messages when various social and political events where happening, including the Ferguson protests in 2014. Fortune’s Mathew Ingram also wrote that Twitter – which bought Vine for an estimated $30 million in 2012 – struggled to take full advantage of the hot site. As rival companies such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram expanded their video offerings, many of Vine’s users were siphoned.

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