Top 10 SUVs

No 2. GMC Envoy

Class Mid-size SUV
Brake Horse Power 270-290
Price $30,625 – $38,670

This SUV from GMC features a 5.3 L LM4 V8 engine and 4-speed automatic transmission. Currently, the Envoy has been phased out after the 2009 model year. The 2009 model, by the way, has a capacity for 7 passengers.


No 1. Cadillac Escalade

Class Full-size SUV / sport utility truck
Brake Horse Power 332-403
Price $60,951 – $84,192

A full-size luxury SUV by Cadillac, the latest Escalade has a 6.2 L Vortec V8 engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

A hybrid version of the SUV was also introduced at the 2008 South Florida International Auto Show. This hybrid is powered by a 6 liter V8 engine that makes 332 hp.


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