Top 10 Stunning & Beautiful Castles

7. Alhambra

The name “Alhambra” originates from an Arabic source which dictates “red or crimson castle”, possibly due to the tone of the towers and walls that encircle the complete mount of La Sabica which by starlight is silver but by sunlight is altered into gold. There is also another additional rhythmical edition, suggested by the Moslem forecasters who verbalize of the creation of the Alhambra fortress “by the light of torches”, the reflections of which gave the walls their particular bloom. Generally the Alhambra was created to serve the military purposes. It was rather a city, a fortress and a palace.

6. Angkor Wat

Residence of the numerous multicolored Asian legends and the cradle to one of the most charming civilizations – the Khmer Empire; the inspiring Angkor castle is also a place where the sumptuousness of one of the largest cities of old Asia mirrored the beauty of a royal architectural magnum opus.

History of Angkor Wat Part 1

History of Angkor Wat Part 2

History of Angkor Wat Part 3

History of Angkor Wat Part 4

History of Angkor Wat Part 5

History of Angkor Wat Part 6

5. Forbidden City Castle

Forbidden City citadel was the position of decisive supporting authority in China between the 14th and the 19th century. Home of one of the most remarkable national legacy of China, this is certainly a marvel of engineering and construction.

History of Forbidden City Castle

4. Arg-e Bam

Bam is situated on the southern border of the Iranian highland, in barren region surroundings. The formation and development of the city was supported on the subversive irrigation channels, Arg-e-Bam. The stronghold of Bam is the most diplomat illustration of a fortified medieval town built in vernacular technique using mud layers combined with mud bricks.

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