Top 10 Demolition Fails Caught on Video

No 3. Failed Building Demolition

No 2. Wrong Building Demolished

Probably this should have been at number one. The demolition company demolished the wrong house. They realized their mistake only after seeing the man sitting on toilet, after they tore down the wall in front of him.

No 1. Demolition Fail Causes Leaning Tower

A building demolition in Lizhou, China doesn’t go exactly as planned. The footage, taken on December 30, 2009, shows a 22-floor residential building being demolished in the city of Liuzhou, China. Instead of crumbling into a contained heap of rubble, half of the building crashes sideways to the ground, the other half is left still standing but leaning to the side.

Luckily there are no other buildings next to it, otherwise sure many people will be killed in this “Failed” demolition project, which was caused by technical reasons.

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