Tips to customize the iPhone

Apple iPhone is wonderful in its looks and functions. The functions and looks can further be enhanced by little tweaks and tricks. Just by changing some settings, you can give a brand new look to your iPhone. Following are some tips following which you can have a new look for your iPhone.

  • Wallpaper has a great impact on the appearance of iPhone. iPhone is preloaded with various backgrounds and wallpapers. If you don’t like the preloaded wallpapers then search some on web.
  • The appearance of home screen can be customized by rearranging the icons.
  • Set your favorite ringtone. You can also set separate ringtones for your particular contacts. You can also set any song as a ringtone.
  • Attach photo to your particular contacts.  Whenever you will call the person, this picture will appear.
  • Use a password to lock your phone.
  • For ease in typing select international keyboard of language you are typing in.

By customizing the above settings, your iPhone will surely give you a new experience.

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