The Pros and Cons of HID Lights

If you are considering an investment in an HID kit, it is normal to consider the pros and cons of these bulbs vis a vis other products available in the market. HID lights are among the latest breed of functional innovations that can make your driving experience more enjoyable and certainly safer. Here are some of the advantages of installing an HID kit is your vehicle.

The Pros

Less energy usage and enhanced brilliance: HID lights offer better illumination at lower costs with reduced energy consumption than halogen or incandescent bulbs. Also, they release more radiation than heat which is seen as visible light.The best light for driving: The blue white light offered by HID bulbs makes it easier for drivers to spot other vehicles and obstacles on the road. In fact, HID lights illuminate the area ahead of the vehicle more clearly than any other conventional light.

Easily available: HID lights are easily available in a variety of replacement kits; also they last longer than the other headlight bulbs. This means that their overall cost to the vehicle owner is significantly less than halogen and incandescent lights.


Less natural fade: The bright beam of light emitted by the xenon HID lights have less natural fade than other bulbs. So, the area around the beam will not be visible to the driver at all. In contrast, incandescent bulbs offer less illumination but they do brighten a larger span of the area around the light beams.

Glare: The biggest problem with HID lights is their blinding intensity which can impact the visibility of drivers on the opposite side of the road. Although HID lights have their fair share of pros and cons, the fact is that from the driver’s point of view, few other options can offer better visibility. In fact, most industry experts recommend the installation of HID lights for vehicle owners who frequently drive at night and in other weather conditions which mar visibility like fog, heavy rains etc.

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