Stay away – 10 ghost planes, cars and trains

While most of these sightings are ruled out as urban legends, one cannot deny that such mysteries sure spike our interest. So we have made a list of ghost ships from land and air.

10. Eastern Airlines Flight 401

10. Eastern Airlines Flight 401At number 10 we have a tragic air crash that happened in December, 1972. The Eastern Airlines Flight 401 crashed in a Florida swamp. About hundred people were killed in the Tri-Star jetliner’s crash. Pilot, Bob Loft, and the flight engineer, Don Repo, also died in the crash. While no there have been no sightings of the plane itself this plane is the reason why there are a number of ghost planes out there. Let us explain; you see since the plane was smashed to pieces there was no way this plane would be re-built. However, all the parts that were salvaged were used in other planes and hence other ghost planes. The crew from these planes started reporting various sightings. There were reports of the pilot and flight engineer found sitting in between the passengers quietly, sometimes engaged the crew into conversation. These sightings were reported to be very life-like until they disappeared into nothing.

There were reports of the crew from flight 401 appearing in or near the salvaged parts which had become parts of other planes now. There are many incidents. One involves a flight engineer who saw an apparition which told him that the pre-flight check has already been made for him. There was another report of the dead pilot’s face emerging in an oven where it warned three crew members of a flight and mysteriously enough there was indeed an engine fire later and the last leg of route had to be cancelled.

There are no official comments from the Airlines about his however the ghosts from Flight 401 are considered a legend and guardian angels within this particular company. There are rumors that state that even the VP of the company has had an encounter with the ghosts.


9. The Black Volga

9. The Black VolgaThe mysterious Black Volga. No one knew who drove it and where it came from. There are many theories as to who drove it and they range from priests to Satan himself. The Black Volga was a Volga limousine which had white rims and curtains and appeared out of thin air. Reports stated that at times the rear-view mirrors were indeed horns, real horns. They say it abducted children and anyone who saw it either died instantly or during a time period of 24 hours. Again there are many theories why it took the children, ranging from selling them to using their organs for rituals. The stories of the Black Volga were famous in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Mongolia.

8. Silverpilen

8. SilverpilenAt number 8, we have the subway station of Stockholm, Sweden. There are reports of a silver ghost train known as Silverpile which means the Silver Arrow. According to the reports this trains stops at random stations at completely random intervals too. Reports also say that its interiors are usually completely empty while at times they are filled with people who seem like ghostly passengers. The reports also say that if some unlucky soul boards it, the soul ends in Kymlinge which is the subway station of the dead. The station however is a real abandoned station.
Whether it’s haunted or not, we cannot say for sure but the Silverpilen is a real train. It was put together as an experiment train by making use of 8 aluminum colored C5 carts. This experiment never made it to the full scale mass production but this test unit was, at times, used as a backup train during the rush hours at the subway. Since this train is not in regular use there are no advertisements placed inside it and therefore the only interior ‘designing’ that you’ll see are the remnants of graffiti which was removed from there.  The silver looks of the train sure looks shocking when and if it is used.The silver arrow was retired in 1996, but there are reports of workers being haunted by it in the tunnels that are abandoned.


7. The Phantom Bus of London

7. The Phantom Bus of LondonIn 1934, a London motorist suddenly performed an emergency swerve while driving along Cambridge Gardens. He died a horrible death when his car hit a wall and exploded in flames. Although no reason for his behavior could be found, many witnesses stepped forward and offered a potential reason for the poor driver’s demise: the Phantom Bus of London.

Allegedly seen by many London natives between the ’30s and the ’90s, the Ghost Bus is a very real-looking red London double-decker, carrying the line number “7.” It always appears at a certain point at 1:15 AM, thundering along the road straight toward terrified drivers. Its lights are never on, and no driver is ever visible. As the panicked drivers steer to narrowly avoid collision and turn to look behind them, the bus is nowhere to be seen or heard.


6. Pippo; the Ghost Plane

6. Pippo; The Ghost PlaneDuring WWII the Italians were being sandwiched between their government and Nazi allies and the Allied forces. However, people in Northern Italy had bigger concerns; Pippo. Pippo was the name given to the Ghost Plane which was a free agent, so as to speak, since it almost cared for nobody and opened fire at whoever that came in its way. The sound of its engine was a peculiar ‘pip-pip’ which explains the name too. The sounds of its engine were usually heard at night and people were afraid to switch lights at night. Afraid that Pippo might find it offensive. Pippo was considered to be a mysterious entity that would use exploding pens, powerful bombs and poisoned candy as ammunition and if it was bored it wouldn’t hesitate from firing upon innocent farmers. Historians however believe that Pippo was probably one of the planes from British reconnaissance planes that had a similar engine sound. Nonetheless, Pippo remained as a well remembered memory till the 90’s among the people of North Italy.

5. The Jumping Car of Cape Town

5. The Jumping Car of Cape TownYou’ve all heard about the flying cars and all the hype regarding technology and where we will be in future. However, it is not very pleasing to wake up to sound of loud crashes in the middle of the night along with your guests and find out that guest’s Renault is enjoying jumping in the yard. Well that is what happened in Cape Town, South Africa. The Renault finally decided it had enough of jumping around once it broke the fence and then it calmed down. The yard had not been breached, the car was locked, windows intact and even the handbrake was on. Possible conclusion; the car had been moving on its own. Police was not willing to believe this story though well until the car ignited it again and performed a jumping routine for them too.  Renault came up with the explanation of a faulty starter cable but well that does not explain the strange sounds which the car made as per the witnesses.

4. Abraham Lincoln’s Phantom Train

4. Abraham Lincoln’s Phantom TrainAs if the ghost cars and planes were not enough, we have at number four a ghost train. Yeah, this is pretty famous phantom vehicle in America. This ghost steam engine makes its way across 180 cities each year during April. It is said that this is the ghost of the actual funeral train which carried Abraham Lincoln to his final resting place. Now Mr. Abraham was supposedly very interested in the unexplained phenomenon and it is said that he even met his doppelganger too. Witnesses have reported that during the presence of this train all watches stop working as if the time has frozen, spirits of soldiers wearing Union uniforms can be seen guarding the late president’s coffin. According to the reports the train emerges from black fog and air instantly becomes heavier and colder. It imitates the 1,650 miles long procession of the Abraham Lincoln, however, it never arrives at the final destination; Springfield, Illinois.


3. The Cursed Car of Franz Ferdinand

3. The Cursed Car of Franz FerdinandThe beginning of WWI is marked by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in his car that was a product from The Graf & Stift Company. This company was doing pretty well until the start of WWI. Ferdinand, and the car’s successive owners all met a very violent fate. In the subsequent twelve years, this car had fifteen different owners. During this tenure it was involved in a series of accidents which claimed 13 lives. An Australian general ended up in a mental asylum, a captain ran over two peasants and crashed into a tree despite his best attempts to avoid the accident only 9 days after purchasing the car. One owner who committed suicide. The Governor of Yugoslavia had four brutal accidents in this particular car. His friend purchased the car as a dare and it flipped while he was driving it leading him to his death. A Serbian farmer didn’t even get to drive the car and was crushed when the car fell over him while being towed. The last owner ended up dead with his five friends while he was on his way to his wedding. This jinxed car is currently exhibited in Austrian museum.


2. James Dean’s Porsche Spyder

2. James Dean’s Porsche SpyderJames Dean passed away at the peak of his career and fame. You may very well say he was the Heath Ledger of his time. The famous actor has a Porsche 550 Spyder which he usually referred to as Little Bastard. His death occurred when he was driving his Little Bastard and later it turned out that the Porsche is haunted. The car’s remains were bought by George Barris who owned a car customization shop and later went on to build Batmobile for the TV series (1960s). The Porsche parts basically divided into two; the remains of the original Porsche and a Lotus Husk that had Porsche’s engine in it. Soon the tales of this car being haunted gained popularity. The car was involved in a lot of strange incidents with one of them being fatal. Just to be clear not all the incidents took place on the street or racetrack. Once it caught fire while it was in a storage garage and there was this one time when it disappeared from the sealed boxcar. Although many believe these stories were self-generated and promoted by George to turn the car into a profitable item but there is one another fact associated with Dean’s demise and it goes as follows; James Dean asked Guinness as to what his thoughts were on his car and Guinness replied; ‘If you get in that Porsche, you will be dead next week.’ Surprisingly enough James died after exact seven days.


1. The Haunted German War Submarine

U-Boat SurrenderSubmarines were vital attacking assets in World War I. German UB III class was classified as one of the most dangerous ones. These submarines managed to sink almost 507 enemy ships during the conflict which included the fearsome HMS Britannia. One particular submarine of this class, proved to be far more dangerous not only for its enemies but for the crew as well. During the manufacturing, many accidents took place. Five of the workers died; three suffocating on diesel fumes while the other two were a victim to a falling girder. During the testing; a member of the crew got swept by the waves and was never seen again. The first test drive was a disaster too since the sub marine sunk to the bottom of the ocean because of a fault in the ballast tank. The crew was helpless for quite some hours. Finally when they were rescued, all of them fell very ill because of the poisonous gases released during those hours from a damaged battery and this whole fiasco ended with two dead. Surprisingly enough, somehow the submarine was still declared fit for sea. But in one of its early missions, a torpedo explosion killed eight crewmen and an officer. Soon after that, the captain lost his head to flying shrapnel and according to some of the crew members they saw the officer guarding the headless body. As anyone could have expected the crew was scared and they handed in transfer requests. Finally German Navy was helpless and agreed that they’ll perform an exorcism on the submarine. That did not help a lot though because in a few months later the submarine became a target for the American ambush and was exploded with torpedoes. But later, American captain told that they never opened fire, the submarine just blew itself!


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