Reverse Engineering: Why Taliban never run out of weapons

Have you ever wondered why militants never run out of weapons? Well this article does not aim to answer this question. Rather, we have gathered a few pictures and videos of reverse engineering of weapons. Reverse engineering is often used by militaries in order to copy other nations’ technologies, devices or information that have been obtained by regular troops in the fields or by intelligence operations. It was often used during the Second World War and the Cold War. This practise still continues. In a tribal part of Pakistan, is the worlds biggest arm reverse engineering facility.

It is said that they can reverse engineer any firearm once they see it and can produce it in the span of a few hours. This statement seems true because you can find copies of some famous items of the modern weaponry like BERETTA Pistol, GLOCK Pistol, 1911 Pistol, UZI, G3 Rifle, MP5, even M16 and many more.

Here are some pictures showing different weapons and gun-makers.

A Pistol Is Being Repaired
Pistol being repaired with bare hands.

A ShotGun "Expert" :)
The shotgun guru

They Even Copied AA-12
A copied AA-12

And This Is How Bullets Are "Manufactured"
Making bullets No problem


The M16

This is a video of arm manufacturing in a tribal part of Pakistan

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