Real Time Virtual Make Over App Makes You Younger!

A new app called Beauty Mirror, developed for the iOS is claiming to have the ability to touch up photos and enhance images in real time. The application uses live 3D tracking to modify images in real time with customizable options such as eyebrow shaping, jaw contouring and brow lift. In short its a virtual plastic surgery without the extreme prices that come with our “friendly” makeover.


Created by the team at ModiFace, the people behind Sephora’s 3D AR mirror app, Beauty Mirror claims to have “the world’s most advanced virtual makeover technology” to transform your face. Unlike most apps which feature cosmetic products, Beauty Mirror is “Skin Deep” and allows you apply texture, facial and anti-ageing effects which results in a dramatically younger appearance.


The app allows you to choose from a variety of looks including brighten, refresh, reshape and slim which allow for real time viewing. You can apply filters to these looks such as “slimming” or “reshaping” your nose. The app updates face location and pose every .03 seconds to keep track of all the effects you’re applying as you look in the mirror.


While Beauty Mirror has some admirers, there are many sceptics who believe the application is irrelevant. It is deemed by many as not only difficult to use but extremely superficial. The company however has indicated that while its uses may be limited to the average individual, it provides “endless” possibilities for companies which produce various anti-ageing and beauty products.



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