[iPhone] How to create Custom Carrier Name with Fakecarrier?

Fakecarrier is a free application for iPhone. It is available on Cydia and allows the users to customize carrier name and time string in status bar. Users can keep their own name or any phrase in place of carrier name. It is a really simple application. Upon installation it shows three options.

  • Fake carrier
  • Fake time
  • Show battery level

It is very simple to set any of these options. Just click the option, type your message in the given field and hit Set button. It will immediately apply the settings without closing the application. You can retune the settings anytime by hitting the reset button.

The application requires carrier name not more than 12 characters. It also offers the option of turning on the percentage of battery along the image of battery. The users with old firmware can avail this option, as in new IOS’s this option is already present. To turn on the battery percentage, go to Stock Settings Application > General > Usage Option, here you will find the option of battery percentage which can be enabled or disabled.

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