IOS 5 PC Free Setup

IOS 5 has some great new features. The PC Free feature enables IOS 5 users to activate and setup their IOS devices without using computer. Get it now by following these steps.


  • What you should know first:

Wait, before going forth you should know how to activate and upgrade IOS 5 on your device. Visit this website if you don’t know really:

  • Select Your Language:

A screen with different languages will appear on your device. Click on any one of your own choice. Then click on the arrow shown at top right side of screen.

  • Select Your Country:

Choose your desired country. Click on “Next” button to move ahead.

  • Connect To Wi-Fi network:

A new screen with title Wi-Fi network will appear. It will ask you to connect to Wi-Fi network. Your device will automatically move to next step.

  • Enter Your Password:

Write your desired password in text field by using alphanumeric key buttons at the bottom of your device screen.

  • Step Up Your Device:

Now you need to choose on how you want to set up your device. These options are:

Setup as new device, restore from iCloud backup, restore from iTune backup.

If you select first choice, it means you want PC Free setup as new device.

  • Enter Your Apple ID:

Here you need your apple ID that will setup all features automatically. So if you don’t have apple ID, click on “Create a Free Apple ID” otherwise just sign in with your existing Apple ID.

  • Setup iCloud:

Turn your iCloud ON at the bottom of this screen. Now you can save you contacts, books, music and many more.

  • Diagnostic Reports:

Send diagnostic report if you want to give suggestions otherwise click on “don’t say” and move to next.

Over! Your PC free setup for your device has successfully completed.

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