How to resolve the Charging is not supported error in iPhone?

Apple iPhone offers its users with many beneficial features and options. It is a high tech phone that needs to be handled with too much care. Sometimes it happens that the iPhone starts displaying the error message “charging is not supported with this accessory”. It displays the message even though when no charging device is plugged in and the ports are cleared from any type of connecting device. Such situation is really annoying for users as well as it adversely impact the battery life. However this problem can be solved by the following troubleshooting steps.

  • Power off the iPhone and turn it ON after some time.
  • Reset the iPhone.
  • Restore the iPhone from iTunes using backup of your iPhone.
  • Restore the iPhone from iTunes as a new phone.

If these steps do not work then try changing the charging cord. The problem can also be due to old or damaged cord.

Another reason of the problem could be the dust accumulated on the ports. Clean the ports with soft brush.

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