How to Fix “Invalid IPA” Error on Jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod

Apple devices, including iPhone, iPod and iPad, are very popular these days. Its amazing features made its users crazy and, this popularity leads its users to Jailbreak the device to access some system applications. Number of difficulties they face while installing something in jailbroken application. One of the most common errors is Installation Error or Invalid IPA.


  • The problem happened when Installous and AppSync both applications are not installed properly.

Here is the process to fix invalid IPA error:


Here we need to re-install the Installous and AppSync to your jailbroken Apple device. For that:

  • Go to Cydia -> Manage -> Package and tap down the options and search both AppSync and Installous.
  • Locate the option ‘reinstall’ and click on it and It’ll re-install both applications.
  • Now open AppSync application and Upgrade it.
  • It’ll update it to AppSync 3.0 to 4.0.

Setup Completed. It’ll fix the ‘Invalid IPA’ error.

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