How to Change the Startup Drive in Mac?

Mac is an admirable development by Apple. This operating system can be titled as the best one yet. It allows its users to change the start up disk, and there are multiple ways to change it.

  • To change the startup disk, one of the best methods is to change it through startup disk control panel. It is advisable to boot with extensions off otherwise you may end up in having some software problem. If your default drive is set as the internal drive then it do not allows you to change the startup disk due to some problem in internal drive.
  • If the above technique does not work then while booting, hold down the command-option-control-shift. It will allow the Mac to boot from the Mac plus default sequence, as this combination is inbuilt into the Mac ROM.
  • In case there is some other partition or bootable drive that has SCSI ID greater than zero or higher than ID of the faulty drive, then you can boot from it.
  • The next option is to use disk tools disk, boot floppy, or CD-ROM. If at startup a bootable disk is available then Mac with internal floppy can boot up from floppy drive. For CD-ROM booting, you will need Apple’s CD-ROM player or any 3rd party player with Apple drivers. During startup, pressing down the key of C will compel the system to boot from the CD-ROM.

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