Getting the Shot: How To Be Creative With Your Camera

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Techniques To Help You Realize Your Photography Dreams

Becoming a skilled photographer requires practice, persistence, and finesse. This is especially true when you’re learning about strategies for how to be creative with your camera. Fortunately, there are many simple techniques that you can use to capture compelling images each time you do a shoot. Delve into some of these techniques and discover the positive impact they can have on your photography.

Break the Rules a Little Bit

Good photographers understand how to follow the cardinal rules of camera work. But the best photographers know how to break them to get the perfect shot. For example, it’s considered a blasphemous act against the photographic gods to move your camera around while shooting.

However, breaking this rule can lead to some pretty interesting results with a bit of technique. But you can’t just swing your camera any old way. There has to be a purpose behind your motions. Luckily, there are some specific movement techniques you can use to get started, including:

  • Panning—often used in sports photography to create blurred, moving backgrounds with the focal point of the shot appearing in crystal-clear, stand-still focus.
  • Rotation—entails holding your camera steady while you whirl around and take a shot.

There are more techniques like this that you can use to get some fascinating shots. Zooming while shooting, shooting up from a low angle, and using creative focus are a few of the simple and effective methods at your disposal.

Incorporate New Tech Into Your Shoots

When trying to figure out the best methods for how to be creative with your camera, it’s wise to consider incorporating some helpful technology into your shoots. One popular example of this strategy is the use of waterproof drones. The way waterproof drones function makes them excellent tech to add to your photography practice.

To illustrate, many of them come with high-resolution cameras attached. Moreover, their flight capabilities and waterproof features allow you to get aerial shots of landscapes that would otherwise be impossible to capture. Thus, if you’re looking to spice up your camera work a bit, adding technology like drones can help you achieve more interest and variety in your photos.

Take Advantage of Color and Texture

Of course, you don’t need fancy equipment to take breathtaking pictures or enhance your photography. In fact, all you need is a keen eye for color and texture. Perhaps you’re looking for a unique way to make an old house look intriguing. If so, start by looking for patterns or particularly textured areas of the house. Then, bring those features into full focus.

Additionally, it’s always good to use color to your advantage. Perhaps you’re visiting New Orleans, and you’re trying to capture the vivid spirit of the city. In this case, you would want to seek out a stretch of street with lots of vibrant buildings, streetlights, and people.

From there, angle your camera to fill the shot with as many of those central features as possible. In any case, color and texture are essential aspects of your photos’ compositions. So be sure to take full advantage and use them to capture fantastic images.

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