Did You Know?

Nature created everything in a great perspective manner, designed and styled everything in a perfect fashion. There lies a complete world of diversity in its every creation. Same goes for human beings, while studying we found some of the interesting facts of human body!

  • Like the finger prints of every person are different from each other same is in the case of your tongue. Every person carries the different tongue print.
  • The pressure created in your heart on blood is enough that it could splash till 30 feet!
  • Normally the average cough coming out from your mouth is at 60 miles per hour.
  • Your eye can distinguish about 500 shades of grey.
  • Your sneezing can even go upto 100mph.
  • About 85 percent people can curl their tongue just like a tube.
  • One out of twenty persons have an extra rib.
  • Your fingernails and your hair are made up of same substance.
  • A lady heart beats faster then a guys heart.
  • People having darker skin don’t wrinkle as fast as the people with lighter skin do.
  • The dead cells of your body go to kidney for excretion.
  • Human baby eyes do not produce tears until the baby is six to eight months in age.
  • In every hour your body has to replace One billion of cells!
  • Smile makes you exercise 5 to 53 facial muscles, and it is the most frequently used facial expression.
  • Your eyes are of same size since the time you were born but your nose and ears grow till the last of your age.
  • Your Thigh bones are even stronger than the concrete!
  • The blood in your body travels 60000 miles everyday. Its the total journey which your blood face in the whole body in just one day.
  • Your heart beats 0.1 million time in a day!
  • The fastest growing hair on your body is your beard hair which can even cross upto 30 feet if never trimmed!
  • Seven seconds is all which takes to reach your food from your mouth to your stomach!

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