Batmobile Model – A Must Have For Batman Lovers

TimBurton’s 1989 Batman movie had a Batmobile for Batman. The coolest car of the time which only the Rich bats could afford. Though we are not seeing this car on roads with guns and bullet proof armour, but for those who are extreme fans of batman and its collections then this model is a must have for them now! Forget all your toys and collections, the most extreme model is arriving in market with 1/6th scale. Now i wish i could even fit in that scale to ride it on and do some super hero stuff in the city. Any ways the die hard fans of batman should be happy as this model is now hitting the market with all the details this car should be having, that is internal dashboard lights, external lights, a working sliding door and that cocoon armour with two detachable machine guns. The car is 3 foot long. But let us not spoil your expectations, to be honest the manufacturers are releasing it next year! so wait till next June for spending $630 on this model.

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