7 Of The Silliest Inventions That Were Ever Made

There are many inventions that people have came up with that makes you think to yourself “why didn’t I think of that when I too always needed something like that?” Other inventions on the other hand will just make you laugh because they just seem so silly. Check out these 7 silly inventions that makes many of us think to ourselves after laughing if they are actually important.


  1. Stick Of Butter

stick of butter

Like me, if you have a problem with spreading butter with a knife when it is hard, you wouldn’t even think about saying that this invention is silly.


  1. Toilet Newspaper Holder Reader

silly invention 2

Most of us like to read when we visit the bathroom. This inventor wanted to do this hands-free so they invented with this clever idea called the Loo Reader.


  1. Finding the Perfect Itch T-shirt

silly invention 3

We all get annoyed when the person scratching our back for us can’t find the spot we want them to itch for us. Thanks to this shirt called the Perfect Itch Finder T-shirt with grid printed onto it, you can direct the person using grid locations.


  1. Ctrl+Alt+Del Presser

silly invention 4

Do you have trouble pressing the Ctrl, Alt and Delete buttons all at once? Well, if you do, this invention is here to help you out using one hand.


  1. Noodle Cooling Chopstick Fan

silly invention 5

Noodles are definitely one of the hardest things to eat, and the longer you take to cool them is the more noodles will slide off back into the plate. Speed up the cooling process with this invention.


  1. Glass Wine Gripper

silly invention 6

This invention was made for the clumsy folks that always tend to break stuff by allowing them to slip away from the grip of their hands.


  1. Motorised Turning Ice Cream Cone

silly invention 7

When we are eating ice cream, we tend to have to turn our cone to get all sides. This creation will prevent you from having to do this as it rotates with the flick of a switch.

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