5 Awesome and Futuristic 3D Printers

Incredible Devices Build Prototypes from Scratch

Forget about holographic imagery; 3D printing devices can create prototypes from scratch, and the amazing technology has become more affordable in recent years so anyone could own one and build or copy objects one layer at a time.

The process is also called additive manufacturing, and it differs from traditional factory processes that employ subtractive techniques such as turning, cutting, and drilling. Computers provide detailed plans, and any three-dimensional object is built one layer at a time using a variety of materials. This extraordinary technology makes an ideal method for preparing expensive prototypes such as jewelry designs, dental appliances, educational aids, medical devices, precision automotive parts, and aerospace industry components.

The Technology is Real

This futuristic technology is not a pipe dream, but exists with current 3D printers. The process can produce tools, shoes, prototypes of products, and educational aids. Of course, there are different levels for commercial, industrial or home use. Most home models produce items from plastic, but 3D printers use metal, resins, plaster, and polymers. The process begins with specific blueprints or instructions, and the machine starts building at the bottom, and then it works its way up. The items the machines produce are at present rather small, and they usually must fit within an eight-inch cube.

Top Five 3D Printers

Five of the top 3D printers currently available include the following models.

1. The Alaris30 3D Printer

This advanced model sells for around $25,000, making it cheaper than some cars, and the machine offers the capability of creating detailed prototypes that users can create fairly easily. The desktop machine creates high-quality parts with great detail and finishes that match design specifications precisely.

Another important advantage of the system is the ease of operation. User-friendly operation makes this model an excellent choice for offices and businesses that need to create detailed prototypes quickly and efficiently. The cost of having prototypes made by outside vendors makes this 3D printer an economical choice for many businesses. The printer produces the finest work for the price currently available, but prices continue to drop.

2. ProJet SD 3000 Professional 3D Printer

This printer produces vibrant plastic prototypes and component parts to exacting specifications suitable for engineering and mechanical tolerances, and the machine accomplishes each printing job up to 40 percent faster than other printers on the market. The machine comes in a sophisticated design that enhances the workplace or office dÈcor, making it a great choice for businesses that want to impress their clients with the technology.

The machine has advanced job software that makes operation very intuitive, so users need not spend a lot of time calibrating or troubleshooting printer problems. Other distinct advantages of the system include the following benefits.

Small parts can be designed holistically, or operators can fabricate parts that snap together to create larger prototypes.
The web interface allows people throughout the company to interact with the process, a great selling point to generate client astonishment when they see their ideas come to life.
Fabricators can currently choose from six vibrant colors: red, ivory, black, gray, blue and the proprietary shade Zoom.

3. Solido SD300 Pro 3D Printer

This printer makes an amazingly affordable choice for office prototypes. Priced under $10,000, consumers might even consider this model for home inventions or hobbyist creations.

The price of operating a 3D printer depends not only on the machine, but also on the materials needed for fabrication. The SD300 uses economical consumables for its processes, and no special curing materials are necessary, reducing operating costs. Special personnel are not needed to operate the equipment, so companies can bring new products to market more quickly at reduced developmental costs.

4. The ProJet 1500

This printer is a smaller, more affordable version of the ProJet 3000, retailing for only $14,500. The printer offers a unique design, multiple colors, and many of advantages and features of the larger version.

5. V-Flash Modeler

This amazing machine brings affordability to the 3D printing process, and the price is easily affordable for home use. Hobbyists and inventors can easily fabricate anything they could imagine with this easy-to-use 3D modeling fabricator. The V-Flash maintains its speed when producing multiple models, so designers can build complex interlocking prototypes quickly.

The V-Flash was the first 3D printer priced under $10,000, about the price of a high-quality bed. Installation is extremely easy, and owners can learn to operate the machine quickly at home or in small offices, giving them the capability of competing with larger design firms.

The incredible efficiency of the 3D printing process allows anyone to create any product if the right instructions are provided. The printers add one layer at a time until the targeted item is produced in solid form, composed of the specified materials. Eventually, these printers will exist in every home, and they will produce items in much the same manner as the replicators seen on futuristic Star Trek episodes.

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