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16 crazy expensive iPhone apps

Would you consider buying a ‘lifestyle app’ for a mere thousand bucks? How about dropping 3 Benjamins for a football game? While most apps on the the iPhone stick to the ‘price it low sell a butt-load’ mentality, some go the other way. Hey, you only need to sell a 1000 of the VIP Black app to make a cool million.  You have to wonder who buys these things though. SOme of these apps are actually useful, like the bar exam app – given that it is getting good reviews I guess law students are finding value in it even at such a steep price. Even Techcrunch gave it a thumbs up, of sorts. Other apps are just ridicules though – I mean a water globe for $219? I guess they are counting on some vanity purchases. Check out the top 16 most expensive apps in the infographic below.



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