10 Things Apple is Worth More Than

No 6. Entire World’s Coffee

Another surprise would be Coffee, with so much consumption it has to be way up above there, but that fact is, the global coffee industry generates $70 billion per year, which is less than 7 times what Apple is worth.

No 5. Global Lottery Sales

Totally to a whopping $240 billion in sales in 2009, even the lottery tickets cannot eclipse Apple’s market cap.

No 4. Sales of Electricity in the US

Amounting to $350 billion in 2009, the whole of electric power consumed in the US cannot still eclipse Apple’s capitalization. Apple’s $500 billion+ market cap is still way ahead.

No 3. The US Aircraft Carrier Fleet

The epitome of country’s military power, the Aircraft carrier of the Nimitz class costs around $5 billion each to make. For 10 carriers of the fleet, the figure is $50 billion which is less than Apple’s revenue alone in the year 2011; $108 billion.

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