10 Monumental Military Campaigns

7. Frederick the Great

(1756-63) Defense of Prussia during the Seven Years’ War

Frederick was a Prussian General he was the person who showed determination and courage to resist his enemies which were outnumbered and stronger than Prussian forces. Frederick stood fast like an iron wall and eventually grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat in what is known as the “Miracle of the House of Brandenburg.”

6. Conquest of Gaul

(58 BC) by Caesar

One of the immense armed forces operations of prehistoric ages, the conquest of the Gaul made Caesar tremendously famous and accepted him to become tyrant ruler and take charge of Roman Empire. The triumph also amplified the expansionary hunger of the Roman armies, and led to further incursions into Germany and Britain, everlastingly establishing the governance of Rome over western civilization.


5. March across the Alps

(218 BC) by Hannibal

Conceivably the single mighty logistical success in military account, Hannibal roughly shattered the armies of Rome by resourcefully marching an army of elephants from Africa, through Spain and over the Alps into Italy. His envelopment and annihilation of a much larger Roman army at Cannae was the worst defeat ever suffered by Rome in its history. Qualified with stating, “We will either find a way, or make one,” Hannibal’s march over the Alps was not only a military success, but also an outstanding accomplishment of engineering knowledge.

4. Defeat of Persia

(334 BC – 329 BC) by Alexander

Debatably, the prehistoric world’s supreme military leader, Alexander dominated approximately whole world, and positively defeated the Persians at three most important battles. The triumph at Guagamela is one of the most well-known battles in record, and is an enormous example of Alexander’s aptitude to totally extinguish the opponent on the battlefield.

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