28 Minute Show Of Moon Rising Over LA Beautifully Captured With 11 Photos

moon rising

Nature-related art projects tend to always come out as some of the best art pieces that artists have done. A photographer and video artist from LA, Dan Marker-Moore, has created a pair of beautiful composite photos that capture the moon as it rises above the city.

moon rising

In over 27 minutes and 59 seconds, Marker-Moore was able to take 11 photos. One of his images became a night-time composite that shows a string of full moons rising into the sky, while the other is a time-slice that he created by cutting together slices from a series of photos taken at different points throughout the moon-rise. He also captured the moment by video the moment with his video camera. You can check out the video of the beautiful scene below.

Moon Rise LA II from Dan Marker-Moore on Vimeo.

The moment as a time slice can also be seen below.

moon rising 2

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