Wordpress shortcodes

Adding shortcodes to the sidebar of WordPress

WordPress shortcodes are small chunks of codes which are created through a very simple process. They can accomplish complex task for programmers without writing complex and ugly codes. In WordPress, shortcodes performs many interesting tasks. Unfortunately, by default, adding shortcode to the WordPress sidebar widget is not possible. However, here is a little trick using

How to master WordPress Shortcodes?

WordPress shortcodes are small pieces of code that can accomplish complex blogging tasks and contributes in making blogging easier for you. To create a shortcode, switch to html editor and type the shortcode enclosed in brackets like You can also attach attributes to shortcodes, like Shortcodes can also be used to embed content, like 1.

Creating Shortcodes in WordPress

WordPress shortcodes are specific codes that allow the users to achieve things with a very simple short code which is very difficult to create otherwise. Shortcodes can also be used to create objects and embed files. Creating a shortcode in WordPress is a very simple task. It is just like a basic function of PHP.