mac errors

How to Fix Error 100 of Mac App Store?

Mac is a wonderful operating system from Apple. Sometimes, while downloading from the Mac app store, an unknown error 100 hits the user. This error does not allow the users to download anything. The error is really simple to fix. Just follow the given procedure if you ever confront with this unknown error 100. Go

How to Fix Mac Error 10810?

Apple Mac is a fantastic operating system. Sometimes users of Mac run into error 10810. This error occurs when there is some sort of problem in launch services framework. Due to this, the kernel could not find threads to launch any process. Another instance which produces this error is when the system tries to access

How To Solve Mac App Store Error @@Errornum@@?

Mac app store is the central location to find Apple apps. Finding cool apps on Mac app store is fairly easy. While accessing the app store, chances for any error are very rare. Sometimes, while trying to download any application, there comes an error which says “We could not complete your request. There was an