Top Curiosities of North Korea



North Korean Tourism

Despite the hostile relation the North Korean government has with most of the world, it is possible for foreigners to visit Korea. However, as you could expect, there are many strict rules when it comes to the tourism adventures you can participate in.  For example, you won’t be able to take your mobile phone with you or visit any part of the country you like. You would be escorted by a native and can only participate in pre-programmed adventures.



Military State

North Korea has the fourth biggest army when it comes to number of soldiers with one million in their ranks. This means that around 20% of North Korean men are soldiers, making the country one of the most militarized in the world.



Controlled Media

Perhaps the most important method the North Korean government has of maintaining their population under control is controlling the media they consume. Their TV only has three channels, two of them are only available on weekends and the three of them belong to the government. In the area of music, international pop can only be accessed in the black market, same with South Korean TV shows, etc. Furthermore, access to the world wide web is strongly forbidden. North Koreans are only allowed to access a national web.

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