Top 10 Artificial Technologies That Can Make Up Human Organs

3. Artificial Retina

Scientists from US have developed an artificial eye that could bring back vision to the sightless. The researchers say that the latest mechanism dubbed Argus has also been given green sign by the American health department to experiment the product on at-least 50-75 patients.


2. Artificial limbs

 If salamanders or tadpoles can redevelop their limbs, why can’t human beings redevelop a lost limb too?  Work started on this hypothesis and positive results were obtained which served as a spark of optimism for the disabled because they can expect full limb generation through this new study. The study is associated with redevelopment of an entire finger. If the results are positive, it could be a ground breaking innovation.

1. Artificial body parts from Stem cells

The British scientists discovered a way of growing heart valves from stem cells of a human being. This discovery provides a hope in developing a complete heart from stem cells. These organs are subjected to be more effective and less liable to replacement as compared to artificial organs. If it actually works, there can be operations which will involve the replacement or substitution of weaker heart with a better stronger heart. This research is still in nascent stages and the direct application on humans is still far away.






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