Stunning Life Size Lamborghini Aventador Model

Here’s a story of a remarkable effort which fits in all of the three categories: ability, art and brain. Designer Taras Lesko from Seattle has built a nearly-life-size model of the Lamborghini Aventador entirely out of paper and cardboard. You might be saying ‘well it’s just a model’ but it’s the quality and delicacy of detail that makes this model special – along with the size. Building something so curvilinear with a material that has a flat profile is not exactly an easy job. The planning that went into this must have taken hundreds of hours.

With his design aptitude, the artist produced all the necessary parts in computer programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, printed those using architectural E2 paper sheets and used X-Acto knife to cut them loose. To add structural stability and stiffness, Lesko used thick chipboard as a frame for the eight feet long vehicle which weighs just 11.3 kilograms. Pure skill I must say!



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