How to Install Software on Mac using Dead DVD Drive?

If you are facing issues regarding installation of software to your Mac mini due to problem in CD drive, then there exists a solution with which you can install it by using a working media drive. There are three ways to accomplish this task:

FireWire Target Disk Mode:

This method involves the following steps:

  • Connect the two Macs using a FireWire cable.
  • While holding the T key, restart the Mac.
  • Now boot the Mac mini. You will see the hard drive of your MacBook on the desktop of Mac mini.
  • Insert the installation CD/DVD in the media drive of MacBook.
  • It will also appear on the desk top of Mac mini as a removable volume.
  • For installation, open the volume and launch the installer by double clicking. This will start the installation.

Disc sharing:

  • Open the system preferences on the MacBook.
  • Click on sharing to enable the option of DVD/CD sharing.
  • Start terminal on the Mac mini and enter the following two commands. Do not forget to hit Return after each command.

  • Now reboot the Mac mini.
  • Now the two Macs are on the same network.
  • Insert the CD/DVD in the media drive of MacBook. Its icon will appear on the side bar of Mac mini.
  • Select it and double click the inserted disc to begin installation.

Disk image method:

This method involves creating a disc mage on the MacBook, copying it to the Mac mini and then running the disk image.

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